We offer our clients the following medical and scientific advice:

  • Project development for medicinal products and medical devices, including analysis of scientific documentation for trend analyses.

    You're in the first stages of project development and need answers to basic questions concerning the feasibility of your idea? We'll help you by reviewing the materials and analysing the available information.
    You want to know whether your development reflects current scientific trends? We'll find out by performing a trend analysis.
  • Preclinical development of medicinal products and medical devices. We can advise you whether and which toxicological and tolerability studies are relevant.

    You're not sure whether you can fulfil the requirements for preclinical documentation of your medicinal product or biological assessment with the available material and/or scientific literature? We have the expertise you need and can also advise you on concepts for preclinical and toxicological testing of your product.
  • Clinical development of medicinal products and medical devices. This not only includes advice on strategies for clinical testing, planning, monitoring and analysing clinical trials (phase II-IV), as well as publication of the results, but also the quality control of clinical studies (audits).

    We can write protocols and investigator brochures, as well as summarise your results in the final study report and in appropriate presentations.
    Preparing for a scientific advice meeting with an authority or notified body? We can assist in your preparations and integrate the results into precise plans.
  • Your study is already running, but you lack the time and staff to visit the study centres or CRO (contract research organisation) and check the study's progress (monitoring, audits)? We'll relieve the pressure by doing this work for you.